An-Nahl Capsule

Mastoor continuously searches for new possibilities and sustainable ways to work on new products and Islamic inspired stories.

For the an-Nahl Capsule we met up with beekeeper Said Hamchout on his honey farm; a true inspiration when it comes to his work and love for bees.

It was narrated from Nafi that:
'Abdullah told him that the Messenger of Allah used to offer the sacrifice at the prayer place.

Sunan an-Nasa'i 4366

We, at Mastoor, rejoice the approach of the Holy Month of Ramadhaan. Therefor we present to you our Ramadhaan capsule “Moonsight”.

It’s always soothing to be able to welcome the Holy month. The month of more intensive worship, night prayers, fasting and taking care of the less fortunate by giving zakat.

The Forest Hill Collection FW21 is inspired by the colours of “De Hoge Veluwe National Park” in the Netherlands. Nature is deeply rooted within Mastoor’s DNA. All our collections are based on elements from nature. In addition, we focus on manufacturing sustainable and environmental-friendly products. From manufacturing to transport, we continuously strive to make conscious choices with nature in mind

We chose to name our SS21 collection “Andalusia” inspired by the many beautiful stories of the civilisation where many religions lived peacefully together. For us, it symbolises the essence of leadership and justice within communities and our aim with this collection is to make you acquainted with one of the great Muslim civilisations.

The Northern Light Collection is the first winter collection of Mastoor and has been inspired by one of the beautiful signs of Allah ﷺ. The Northern Light is a natural wonder that cannot be imitated or simulated. The colours are inspired by the many elements of the Icelandic Island. Symbolizing the elements of water, mountains and natures’ inhabitants. 

The Midnight Sun Capsule is inspired by one of the many wonders of Allah ﷺ. The colour ways are influenced by the solar eclipse where the sun’s light is blocked by the moon having two elements of light and darkness combined with each other. The Midnight Sun symbolizes both elements. 

Desert Caravan is Mastoor’s first collection and is inspired by the scenery in the desert. Pastel colours influenced by elements of the Sahara with items named after its natural surroundings. The Desert Caravan carries the story of Nomads and Desert people living off the natural resources and primitive simplicity.