Trustees of Nature

The unveiling of Mastoor’s most nurtured collection Trustees of Nature brings pride to the modest atelier’s earthed roots. The three featured shirts serve as an emblem of the principle to be upheld in all facets of a life lived and guided by Islamic value: to serve as a steward of nature. 

Adorned with environmentally conscious prints as the announcement of one’s duty to the world, toward safeguarding the planet’s wellbeing through sustainable practices, first and foremost the shirts serve as a reminder to oneself of the responsibility that comes with the essential role of ecological stewardship. 

Mastoor’s deep-rooted commitment to responsible fashion is an image of profound beliefs with intrinsic responsibilities toward the preservation of the habitat that hopes to inspire reflection within oneself, and sparking meaningful conversations with those who live by the same values, on environmental conservation and preservation.

“He is the One Who has placed you as successors on earth and elevated some of you in rank over others, so He may test you with what He has given you.” 
Surah Al-An’am 6:165