Riad al Azraq

Step into the realm of opulence and sophistication with Mastoor's exclusive Riad al Azraq (The Blue Riad) capsule collection, showcasing the exceptional thobes - "The Blue Pearl" and "The Petroleo Hue". These distinguished thobes epitomize refinement and flair, meticulously fashioned from the finest recycled polyester fabric.

"The Blue Pearl" thobe emanates a captivating aura akin to a precious jewel, enchanting with its royal blue hue that commands attention wherever you venture. Its elaborate design and flawless tailoring establish it as a distinguished piece in any discerning wardrobe.

Contrastingly, "The Petroleo Hue" thobe exudes a distinctive allure with its deep and luxurious petrol blue tone, embodying a sense of enigma and refinement. Its timeless fusion of traditional charm and contemporary allure makes it a lasting garment that emanates subtle sophistication.

These exclusive thobes showcase Mastoor's unwavering dedication to luxury and eco-consciousness, each meticulously crafted with precision and passion. Exclusively available in limited quantities at our flagship boutique, they introduce an element of grandeur and exclusivity to your personal collection.