Andalusia SS21 Collection

This day and age religion is some treated as something marginal. But it is undoubtably so that religion not only contributed to spiritual and moral enlightenment but it also advanced and inspired breath-taking art and ground-breaking science.

The world has known several periods and places that were the pinnacle of civilisation. One of those exceptional civilisations was Andalusia. It was exceptional because the creation of new science, art and culture was done by different religions together. Although Moorish Spain was ruled by Muslims, the spirit of discovery and creativity was shared by Muslims, Jews and Christians alike.

The rulers fostered an environment where things of great beauty could be created, because they believed that closeness to Allah ﷺ could be found by exploring and understanding his creation. Spurred by the hadith “Allah ﷺ is beautiful and loves beauty” incredible architecture, sprawling gardens and monumental scientific institutes sprung up all over the land leaving a legacy and a heritage that lasts to this day.

We chose to name our SS21 collection “Andalusia” inspired by the many beautiful stories of the civilisation where many religions lived peacefully together. For us it symbolises the essence of leadership and justice within communities and our aim with this collection is to make you acquainted with one of the great Muslim civilisations.

The earth colours and organic fabrics that we used for the “Andalusia” collection have been influenced by the Muslim contribution to Southern Spain and are meant to inspire you to everyday greatness.