Beyond the veil of sighT

Mastoor’s Night of Power collection features thobes meticulously designed to echo the blessed time of seeking closeness to Allaah. It is a month of worship and performing righteous deeds. A month of renewing one’s intention towards Allaah.

It is a month that Muslims long for. Like the warmth and grace that is wanted on top of a mountain peak, at the back of a herd, or in the middle of a city that never sleeps to let your faith be tested and persevere, for the strength that is hoped for in a land as foreign as the sky above or waters below, for the elegance and the comfort needed to find your ground and hold on to it no matter what – for reflection within – wherever you are, whenever you are.

Mastoor brings you an invitation to dress appropriately and accordingly in this holy Month. With the Night of Power collection imbued with patience and serenity, feel the fabric that celebrates the tie between the modest traditions that are age-old and the colourful now that is you.


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